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bald rock south carolina engagement sessiongo ahead,PIN IT!I met Courtnie at a Wedding Festivals show last month, and was thrilled when she contacted me telling me she was interested in sitting down over coffee! Soon after, she booked and we began brainstorming for her and Connor’s engagement session!

They were hoping for a gorgeous mountain backdrop nearby, so my mind was racing with different options, and searching the Internet for spots matching her vision close by! We decided on Bald Rock, and I am in LOVE with how it turned out!

People often ask me what my favorite spot to shoot at is. And normally, saying the mountains is the furthest thing from my mind! I photographed an engagement session at Paris Mountain last year, but other than that the idea of shooting in the mountains again or a place like Bald Rock was just a thought in the back of my mind! Popular locations in Greenville like downtown are familiar to me, but I think it’s also important to find and photograph in new places! It rejuvenates creativity and always pushes me!

This summer my boyfriend and I went up to watch the sunrise a few times, something a little new for me (the new part is going to the mountains, and also waking up in time to watch the sun actually rise haha!)! So it became a stronger idea to photograph a couple up there! I was so excited when Courtnie and Connor decided on Bald Rock! The sun was peaking through, and the mountains were covered with fall-kissed trees. It was breathtaking!!

Courtnie and Connor were so fun, and the perfect couple to photograph there! They’re relaxed and so incredibly sweet to each other and everyone around them! They’ve known each other since high school, and I can’t wait to photograph them tying the knot next year! They’re both USC fans, and they’re colors were on point for that (I’m a Clemson fan, but a firm believer USC has MUCH better colors haha!)

So Courtnie and Connor, thanks for putting up with the cold that early, and for just being amazing and so cheerful! You guys made me love my job even more, and your Bald Rock engagement session is one of the sweetest I’ve photographed!

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bald_rock_south_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1773go ahead,PIN IT!bald_rock_south_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1774go ahead,PIN IT!bald_rock_south_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1775go ahead,PIN IT!bald_rock_south_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1776go ahead,PIN IT!bald_rock_south_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1772go ahead,PIN IT!bald_rock_south_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1777go ahead,PIN IT!bald_rock_south_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1778go ahead,PIN IT!bald_rock_south_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1779go ahead,PIN IT!bald_rock_south_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1780go ahead,PIN IT!bald_rock_south_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1781go ahead,PIN IT!bald_rock_south_carolina_engagement_christa_rene_photography_1785go ahead,PIN IT!
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