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Here’s my favorite post of the year!! Some of my favorite wedding images from 2016! But first, I need to brag on my couples! I got to work with 20 of the most incredible couples this year! I have people ask me if I have a favorite wedding, but every wedding is so special and unique in it’s own way! And so is each couple! No wedding is the same, and no wedding goes exactly as planned! For example, during one wedding, about 2 minutes after the beautiful outdoor ceremony ended it started POURING.  And guess what? We made it work and you can’t even tell in pictures it was a rainy day! I dare you to try to guess which wedding it was 😉 In fact, that’s one of the weddings that was published!! The bride and groom were just as happy and joyful as if it had been sunny the entire day. And that’s why I have the best couples and love them so much. They trust me, and fact that I got to be their photographer out of the 100’s of talented wedding photographers in Greenville is an honor and a gift!!

Going back through each wedding was so special and brought back so many memories! The furthest I went this year for a wedding was St. Augustine, Florida, and I got to shoot the most in my hometown of Greenville, SC! Also, this was year I’ve ever had any weddings published!!! It was so exciting!

May was the craziest wedding month with 7 weddings!! Yes, that’s right, 7! And I could NOT have done it without having the most amazing couples who were so easy and fun to work with, and a great second shooter! That meant so many couples put up with the 90 something degree heat in their heavy wedding dresses and suites, and I can’t remember even one couple complaining! (Trust me, it was a HOT summer!!) Just another reason why I love them so much!

But the best part is I got to watch 20 couples start the day as engaged, and end the day husband and wife as they began a new journey together. I got to celebrate along-side of them, and be a part of one of the most joyous days they’ll ever have!!How cool is that??? From the initial consultation where I just sit down with them over coffee to get to know them better, to their engaement session, and then finally their wedding, I get to know my couples on a personal level that allows me to serve them even better as a friend! So it’s always a little bitter-sweet at the end of a wedding!

Thank you each and every one of you brides and grooms who trusted me with your wedding day! It was an absolute honor to serve you and capture the joy, and you’ll always be SO special to me!

Here’s some favorites from 2016 in no particular order!! It was NOT easy to pick which ones to post!! 🙂

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