Liz & Vince | Boston, MA Sweetheart Session | Christa Rene Photography

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I was so excited to FINALLY visit New England after years of hoping to! Some friends and I took a little (ok, so not so little) road trip, and our first destination was BOSTON!!! Visiting Boston had been a DREAM of mine, and it felt surreal finally visiting this beautiful city!

One of my friends who was in college with me and also has a photography business knows the city super well, so I reached out to her for touring ideas, and we ended up doing a session together with her and her boyfriend, Vince!

Liz is one of those girls who is always so sweet with so much positive energy, and could make anyone feel welcome and at home just by being around her! She’s so driven and is finishing up her degree in this beautiful city while continuing her photography business! What a boss!!!!

Photographing in Boston was unreal!!! Liz knew the best places, and we ended at the Boston Harbor! I’m so excited I got to photograph this classy couple and their kindness is so genuine and sweet. I love the way Vince looks at his beautiful girlfriend, and even though he was around two girls who were way too excited to get to do a session in the city, he put up with our loud laughter and was so sweet the entire time!!!

So here’s one of those sessions that’s was a dream and I’m thrilled to share it!! Enjoy Liz & Vince’s Boston, MA sweetheart session!

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We had so much laughter the whole session!!!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1398go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1372go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1373go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1374go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1375go ahead,PIN IT!

These two!!!! I LOVED the streets of Boston!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1376go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1377go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1378go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1379go ahead,PIN IT!

Vince is such a dapper guy!!! I love how Liz looks at him!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1380go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1382go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1381go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1383go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1386go ahead,PIN IT!

LOVE this one!!! They are so perfect!!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1384go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1385go ahead,PIN IT!
boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1387go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1388go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1389go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1390go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1391go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1392go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1393go ahead,PIN IT!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1394go ahead,PIN IT!

Liz you are STUNNING!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1395go ahead,PIN IT!

FAVORITE!!!!!! The perfect way to end our session!boston_engagement_session_christa_rene_photography_1396go ahead,PIN IT!

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