Hannah & Cody | York, SC Wedding

2016-05-17_0079go ahead,PIN IT!Cody and Hannah’s Garden wedding in York, SC is stunning in every way! Each part of the day flowed so smoothly, and was incredibly beautiful! It was my first time shooting a wedding in York, SC, and I’m in love with the gorgeous landscapes and the beautiful venue they chose! We started with pictures outside one of their friend’s homes, and did their first look on a dock jutting out to a gorgeous lake!! They read their notes to each other, and then Cody with tears in his eyes saw his bride-to-be for the first time!

The bridal party joined us and each one of them was so fun and incredible to work with, and the girls’ long soft dresses added to the classy flow of the day! Their ceremony is one of the favorites ever, with lots of lowers and greenery, and even a chandelier!!!

I can’t believe Hannah & Cody are married, and if really feels like their engagement session wasn’t that long ago! These two are just absolutely incredible in front of the camera, and it was such a joy to get to be a part of their special day!! I’m going to miss photographing these two, but am so thrilled that they begin their lives together as husband and wife!

Enjoy lots of favorites from Hannah & Cody’s wedding!2016-05-17_0001go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0002go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0003go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0004go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0005go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0006go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0007go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0008go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0009go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0010go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0011go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0012go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0013go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0014go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0015go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0016go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0017go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0018go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0019go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0020go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0021go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0022go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0023go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0024go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0025go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0026go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0027go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0028go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0029go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0030go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0031go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0032go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0033go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0034go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0035go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0036go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0037go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0038go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0039go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0040go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0041go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0042go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0043go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0044go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0045go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0046go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0047go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0048go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0049go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0050go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0051go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0052go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0053go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0054go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0055go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0056go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0057go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0058go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0059go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0060go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0061go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0062go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0063go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0064go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0065go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0066go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0067go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0068go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0069go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_00702016-05-17_0071go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0072go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0073go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0074go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0075go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0076go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_00772016-05-07_0129go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-17_0078go ahead,PIN IT!

Vendor Info:

Photographer | Christa Rene Photography

Second Shooter | Jae Kim

Venue & Flowers | The Garden Cafe

Dress | Essence of Australia 


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