Matt & Melissa | Downtown Greer, SC Wedding | Christa Rene Photography


Matt and Melissa’s Downtown Greer, SC wedding at Greer City Hall took my breath away! I can’t remember the first time I met Matt! We grew up going to the same school, and became great friends in2016-05-24_0077High School! I was thrilled when Matt started dating  this sweet, absolutely stunning girl, and later got to know Melissa better and loved her even more!!

Their wedding at City Hall in downtown Greer, SC was so beautiful! We were grateful it was inside since that day was your typical South Carolina summer day, but that didn’t keep us from lingering outside to grab some gorgeous portraits! I start each wedding photographing the details, and love when certain pieces have sentimental meaning! Matt’s wedding band belonged to his grandfather, and looked perfect next to Melissa’s sparkling band!

It was such a joy capturing their special day and celebrating the marriage of these sweet friends! Here’s some favorites from their wedding day! Just wait until you see their sunset portraits!!! 2016-05-24_0001go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0002go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0003go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0004go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0005go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0006go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0007go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0008go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0009go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0010go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0011go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0012go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0013go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0014go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0015go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0016go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0017go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0018go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0019go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0020go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0021go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0022go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0023go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0024go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0025go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0026go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0027go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0028go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0029go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0030go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0031go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0032go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0033go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0034go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0035go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0036go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0037go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0038go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0039go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0040go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0041go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0042go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0043go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0044go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0045go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0046go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0047go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0048go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0049go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0050go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0051go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0052go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0053go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0054go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0055go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0056go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0057go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0058go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0059go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0060go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0061go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_00622016-05-24_0063go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0064go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0065go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0066go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0067go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0068go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0069go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0070go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0071go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0072go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0073go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0074go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0075go ahead,PIN IT!2016-05-24_0076go ahead,PIN IT!

Vendor Info:

Photographer | Christa Rene Photography

Second-Shooter | Julia Rose Photography

Venue | Greer City Hall

Dress | David’s Bridal

Florist | Kimberly Griffith

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